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"Not only did you demonstrate a high level of musicianship, but you were excellent actors and teachers. You were able to combine demanding music with just the right level of playfulness. I am so grateful that my students were able to experience interacting with you. "
Music teacher

"Best form of music I ever heard, ear-splitting and totally cool"
2nd grader

"Thanks for reminding us there is more to school than tests."
Classroom teacher

"This was so wonderful – and you never know who you might have touched today … it almost makes me weep"
Grandmother of a chorister

"Superb! Bravo! Keep up the wonderful work! It is amazing to me to see the anticipation of a new opera each year. This was opera #6 for us. It has become an expected event every year from primary grades through the adults."
Music teacher

"you all inspire me to get up and try to do something… I've been in the opera all 3 years and it was a good experience every time."
5th grader

"They were all filled with smiles and energy. I chose many students that have never had acting experience and OFY helped them come alive!.. My kindergartners were funny … they wanted MORE. They wished they could see it every day for the rest of their lives."
Music teacher

I wish Opera for the Young came EVERY Tuesday.
A. Donarski, Kindergartener, Oak Park, IL

Hello! I wanted to write to say how much my two boys enjoyed the production of Magic Flute at their school. I think the experience has changed the way they perceive opera. My husband and I have season tickets to the Lyric Opera, so we like to listen to the up-coming show to learn about it. Well, our boys would have none of it, and they would always beg for us to change to something they liked. Well, imagine our surprise when we were able to listen to the entire libretto for 'Onegin' on CD! This just a few days after "The Magic Flute" performance! They really listened and were interested! Not a peep out of them! I just thought you should know! Thank you!
Karen Faris, Parent, Oak Park, IL

...Wonderfully positive! OFY continues to be engaging, extremely creative and child motivated/centered... OFY does everything with that special, clever touch and nothing but the best is expected and accomplished.
Diane Robinson, Music Staff, Preschool of the Arts, Madison, WI

...because of you, our children will not grow up having never experienced opera
Music Teacher, Olympia Fields, IL

I’m writing to tell you just how wonderful we think the Opera for the Young program is. My daughter has seen three different shows of yours at her school and loved every minute of them. This past year, she was even able to participate in the show with some of her 4th grade classmates, which was a thrill for all of them. Your shows are professional, adorable and very kid-friendly. Allowing questions after the show and encouraging the music teachers to learn the music and provide students to participate sets your program miles above any other musical opportunities. Thanks to Opera for the Young, my daughter and I now go to see one professional opera every year in St. Paul. You’ve added a new dimension to our lives. Thank you.
Wendy Brandt, PTO parent, Shoreview, Minnesota

The productions presented by Opera for the Young have been the highlight of our school’s annual fine arts events for the past five years. Each year countless numbers of students have enjoyed watching, performing and thrilling in the excitement brought by the performers of this company… Most of all I believe that having Opera for the Young at our school has helped my children realize that opera is not a bad thing or a thing that only grown-ups can enjoy or do.
Linda Ruby, Assistant Principal, Chicago, Illinois

Opera for the Young captures the attention of a varied audience. Because of that, each year Kindergarten-fifth graders, staff and parents at our school look forward to the day of our opera. OFY has the wonderful ability to provide a terrific introduction to opera for those new to the art form, as well as delighting those of us who’ve loved it all our lives. They cover a wide artistic spectrum with their program, which includes children in a variety of ways, from costume and set design to singing. They furnish great teaching resources tailor-made for different ages and class situations. The artists who perform are gifted in touching their audience through a memorable experience with opera. This program has become something that our parent group now asks if we’d like them to fund!
Emma Lou Hughes, Music Teacher, Hartford, Wisconsin

Our country school, grades K through 9, has been hosting OFY for five years now. The response of our students, faculty, support staff and parents is unbelievable. I am the Music teacher and, when first asked by my superintendent to be part of an opera, I was very reluctant as my exposure to opera had been very limited. OFY has made an extremely positive influence on my students and me…Thanks, OFY!
Connie Mitchell, Music Teacher, Marseilles, Illinois

This is the cultural high point of our school year. How fortunate for the children to be able to experience opera at such an early age, in such an appealing format.
Laurie Ulrich, Music Teacher, Olympia Fields, Illinois

As the music teacher of Midvale Elementary for the past 18 years, I have witnessed MANY cultural arts presentations. NONE, however, have been up to the standard of Opera for the Young…This is usually the first opera for my students, and I can honestly say that they all walk away with a sense of awe. They get totally turned on to opera, and I believe the appreciation for this art form will stay with them throughout their adult lives.
Jane Powers, Music Teacher, Madison, Wisconsin

Last Updated: 8/27/15

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